We Walked Barefoot on Holy Ground

“For that moment, at least, all our doors and windows were wide open; we were not carefully shutting out God’s purifying light, in order to feel safe and secure; we were bathed in the same light that burned and yet did not consume the bush. We walked barefoot on holy ground.” — Madeleine L’Engle  Continue reading “We Walked Barefoot on Holy Ground”

We Stand Before a Burning Bush…

“We stand before a burning bush whenever other human beings share with us something of their relationship with God or something of the movements of their hearts.  In such moments may we always realize that we stand on holy ground.” — Margaret Silf     We are talking about Holy Ground this month in The EspirationalContinue reading “We Stand Before a Burning Bush…”

Right Where we Are is Holy Ground

“Do you remember Moses at the burning bush?  God had to tell him to take off his shoes–he didn’t know he was on holy ground.  And if we can just come to see that right where we are is holy ground–in our jobs and homes, with our co-workers and friends and families.  This is where we learnContinue reading “Right Where we Are is Holy Ground”