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English: From the top right hand corner of sto...
English: From the top right hand corner of stonyman summit. You can see the roads in between the hills. Basically the hike is from those roads to this cliff. It is a beautiful view. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” — Psalm 91:1

Celebrating the Small Things: Unexpected Results

Copyright 2013 by R.A. Robbins
                                     Copyright 2013 by R.A. Robbins

I am taking part in Rocket Squids, a “boot camp” for new Squidoo Lensmasters which includes writing weekly challenge lenses.  Recently the theme was gadgets and involved writing a product review.   The only gadget I could think of was a pizza cutter.  Bob and I brainstormed a bit and came up with uses for a pizza cutter than just cutting pizza.  I put a father’s day spin on it, hit the publish button with a little fear and trembling and submitted it to Rocket Squids for review.

Who would have thought an article on pizza cutters would not only actually sell pizza cutters but also drawing my highest traffic, comments and squid likes for this particular lens in addition to being mentioned in a Squidoo training article.  If I had followed my gut and not written this because it was “not what I write” I would have missed out on the experience, the exposure and the chance to earn a few pennies.

Sometimes when we step out and take a chance the results are beyond what we could have imagined.  Read Why You Should Buy Dad a Pizza Cutter for Father’s Day.

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What Can We Do?

I know that as we have been watching the news coverage of the tornado damage in Moore Oklahoma we have been overwhelmed with feelings.  Sorrow, compassion, fear for the safety of loved ones, helplessness and the need to do something are all too familiar when natural disasters such as this hit.  So what can we do?

1.  Pray.  We can all do this.  Pray wherever and however your pray, but pray.  Place the white light of protection around the people who live in Moore, the Mayor, Governor and other leaders, the first responders, search and rescue workers and others faced with the grim reality of mass destruction.

2.  Stay put.  Unless your are part of a national relief effort, do not get in your car and drive to Oklahoma to help.  Do not collect supplies and drive a truck down there to distribute them yourself.   You may not be allowed into the area.  You also do not want to do anything that could unintentionally interfere with relief efforts.

3.  Contact your local chapters of national relief agencies.  Call your local Red Cross or Salvation Army.  If they have a list of needed items follow that list and take the items to a designated collection point.  If they are only asking for money, donate money.

4.  Feel free to have a fundraiser in your own community.   Have a charity baseball game, concert, ice cream social, whatever you can think of and donate the money to relief efforts in Oklahoma.

5.  Six months from now ask again.  After a disaster like this the needs do not stop when the news coverage dies down.  Six months from now the needs will be different, but there will still be needs.

For an uplifting story from Moore click below:

When God Calls Don’t Hang Up

Closeup of a female speaking outside on a cell...
Closeup of a female speaking outside on a cell phone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I spent many years wrestling with what it meant to be called by God.  What seemed like the obvious step of entering the “professional” ministry did not work for me.  I was young, naïve and wanted to change the world.  I learned the hard way organized religion isn’t so much about change as protecting what is.

Never in my wildest imagination did I dream my ministry would be encouraging folks to think positive thoughts, connect with the presence of God within and eat their vegetables.  But it’s a good fit and I am glad that certain well laid plans of younger days didn’t play out.

When God calls, don’t hang up.  Listen carefully with an open mind and be prepared for wherever the road may lead.

Those Heart Attack Symptoms for Women

Copyright 2013 by R.A. Robbins
Copyright 2013 by R.A. Robbins

When those lists of heart attack symptoms in women started coming out many of us were confused and overwhelmed. I know I was. The list was vague and could be attributed to things much less serious than a heart attack. As a woman who over the years had been told not to worry when I asked questions about heart disease this concerned me.

May 18 was my mother’s birthday. When she died of heart disease my concerns turned into a cause. We must not only advocate for ourselves and our own healthcare (do you know how many women do not have access to health care because they are uninsured?) we must start pushing for more research into the causes, symptoms and treatment of heart disease in women as well as the education of physicians.

I recently found a list of “those symptoms” with explanations by physicians who are studying heart disease in women. I found this list very helpful. I hope you will too.

Feel free to reblog this post. Women do indeed have heart attacks. It’s time to spread the word.