Sometimes I Worry

I have to admit that like everyone else I worry. I worry about Bob’s health. I worry about the destruction of trees in my neighborhood and those who want to put up gates to keep “strangers” out. I worry about global warming and the destruction of the planet. I worry about COVID. I worry about the U.S. being torn apart by our differences. I worry about unstable political rulers with nuclear weapons. I worry about not being able to do anything to make things better. I even worry about worrying.

Sometimes it even keeps me up at night. No matter how hard I try to take deep breaths, center myself, clear my mind or even pray I am still awake some nights worrying. But I have been down this road enough that I know I cannot let the darkness of this world consume me. I have spent time in that deep, dark pit of despair and have no desire to go back.

I also know that worry alone really doesn’t accomplish anything. These are the times when we each must seek what is uniquely ours to do. This has not been easy for me. What I want to do is not possible for me right now. I want to be out on the front lines protesting. But my temperament is not suited to that, and I would not be effective. I also live in an isolated area with no personal transportation. I am a person many consider “old” and therefore no longer relevant. But….

I am still a human being created in the image and likeness of God. Last time I checked there was no expiration or use by date stamped on the bottom of my foot.

You see, what this world needs now more than ever are people who shine the light of God living in, as, and through us regardless of race, nationality, political or religious affiliations, sexual preference or even age. We need people who strive to love, care and give to others. We have to stop believing that because others do not share our beliefs, we are powerless. We keep on walking in and as the light, shining out into the world. We do not give up because we are outnumbered or because “this is just the way the world is,” because dear friends it does not have to be so.

Yes, I am sure I will still worry from time to time. But what is important is that I won’t pitch a tent and live there. I will limit my exposure to those words, thoughts and images that I can do nothing about but worry. I may not be ablet to control what’s going on in the world, but I can control how I respond to it. I will keep on keeping on, doing what is mine to do. Will you join me?

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6 thoughts on “Sometimes I Worry

  1. you bet!! I listen to old Bob Ross videos (yes I listen to the videos), when I go to bed every night. His voice is so soothing I’m asleep within 5 minutes and don’t have time to worry.


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