Most Positive and Joyful way

“Do good, live in the most positive and joyful way possible every day.’ – Roy T. Bennett

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In what ways are you living in the most positive and joyful way right now? How does being positive and joyful relate to doing good? Something to think about. Please feel free to post your thoughts in the comment section.

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One thought on “Most Positive and Joyful way

  1. When someone is seen to be in need of food, clothing, shelter, or even just encouragement if we turn our backs and just walk away then it places a barrier to peace and joy within our souls. We cannot live our lives positively, or say we are, as long as our subconscious is telling us we should have done something. Buy the suffering one a meal, give them the extra jacket you have in the trunk of your car, rent them that basement apartment in your home at a greatly reduced price (or possibly even free). But most importantly, be their friend. Through this form of lifestyle activity, we can establish the type of spirituality which says you want all to experience a joyful and positive life. Do not judge if the person deserves your help. You do not know why they are in the situation you see them in. But by reaching out to the struggling soul, as you would hope someone would do for you were that soul be you, you thus help create good karma for all.


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