Into the Light

Genie’s Note: We are so happy to have Sarah van Rijsewijk of Natural Peace Life Coaching sharing Into the Light with us this month.  This is a powerful article you won’t want to miss.


2020 has been difficult for so many of us, and on so many levels. Myself included for reasons deeper than a global pandemic. 

However, I sit here and reread my own words – written in the middle of a dark spell 10 months ago and am reminded of the work I must do. The work is to live in the light. It is as important now as much as it was all of those months ago, and will continue to be necessary for the healing of our planet and humanity. 

Light is what brings us back. 

Like the flower needs sunshine and warmth to grow, so do we. We are all called to light, especially when the darkness is so obvious. 

When we look around this world, we have a choice – to see the darkness and let that rule – or to bear our own inner light and light up the world the best we can. 

I share with you my own words written during the early morning hours of 1/1/2020.

It’s been a rough few days.

There was a major ice and snow storm in upstate NY that left me and my family with on and off power for the better part of 2 days. We thought we were through the woods when the power came back on New Years Eve Day at 11:45 am and I began planning a little get together with my neighbors. At 4:45 pm, the lights in my house went dim – yet again. My Christmas tree lights were flickering and I knew we were going into another dark spell.

I hit the main breaker, killed most of the lamps to avoid any surges, and lit a few more candles.  My husband was heading home from a long day at work, picking up our daughters on his way.  I was alone with my cat and 2 dogs.

I was again, in the dark.

I sat down in my husband’s big comfy recliner, covered with a heavy blanket and closed my eyes. I needed to be in the dark. Something kept telling me it was okay to be having this outage, again. I stopped battling it and let my eyes close. I felt warm, comfortable under the heavy blanket, almost like I was being rocked to sleep, to rest my rattled mind. I stopped resisting.

I asked myself what was actually happening.

Why was I in the dark again?

Literally… sure… but more so symbolically?

What happened to my power?

I have felt my own internal power surging and depleting for a long time. When it’s on and active, I know it and feel it and gladly work with it. But when it’s off… it’s a struggle to survive. I have had dark questions in my mind that I can’t seem to find the answer to. I have been living on and off in the dark, and the light, with candles, or open and bright and clear for a long time and I finally began to understand this while sitting in the darkness this night.

I said a prayer for the coming New Year, the new decade…


Help me restore my power. Please, help me see through the dark. Please help the light come and lift me. Help me remember how to use my own lightness… and embrace my powerful self. Please help me shed light on my uncertainties, on my family’s uncertainties. Help us walk into a new light, together, empowered.

11:45 pm on 12/31/19.

My husband lay in bed sleeping soundly, snoring softly… next to me.

I kissed him goodnight, “I’ll see you next year” I whispered into his ear.

I click off the flashlight on the nightstand.

I look around me and the darkness is strong. It is everywhere. Earlier in the evening I tried to explain dark to my little girls. We joked about shadows and the more I explained to them, the more I see for myself.

Darkness is only the absence of light. Light brings us clarity. It brings us hope. There are many things I can do in my house with flickering lights, but there is something halting about being in the darkness, being without power.

The same sensation maybe, that I feel when I’ve lost my way. When I’m not myself… when I’m scared of the shadows, the fear, the doubt, is all just an absence of light.

Light is love.

I’m okay.

We may not have full power back, but our house is full of love.

My children are snuggled up on their bottom bunk, under infinite blankets and stuffed animals sleeping soundly. My husband (of 10 years, this year!) my love, is sleeping and my heart is at peace.

At 11:47 pm the house made a loud beep as all of my appliances turned on, and the lamp on my nightstand clicked back to life.  I sat in bed smiling, only 1/3 of the way to sleep.

13 minutes before the New Year, and already we’re moving into more light and more power.

I realize through the exhaustion of the last few days how I want to live. I don’t see these surges, dark periods and power outages as anything bad. I see them as a prompt to find the light. I took the time to be still finally, to stop boycotting the darkness and to sit in it. I realized that they are only shadows that I’m afraid of… and shadows aren’t real. I see, even in the darkness, I see.

Here’s to a beautiful New Year, and a decade walking out into the light.


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One thought on “Into the Light

  1. I nearly never leave comments, but this rhetoric about light so clearly brings in mind how Jesus refered to himself as the real light.

    “I have come into the world as light, so that everyone who believes in me will not remain in the darkness.”
    (Jesus in John 12:46)

    There are so many sources who promise to give people light in darkness, but in the end have no real content. “Therefore, be careful that the light in you isn’t darkness.” (Luke 11:35)

    Have a blessed 2021 🙂


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