Standing at the Precipice

Copyright 2016 by R.A. Robbins

I haven’t been speaking directly to the global pandemic or the racial unrest here in the U.S. very much over the last few months.  I have been trying to choose topics that might give you quotes and tools to deal with what is going on “out there” right now.  I was waiting, hoping things would calm down a bit, but that just doesn’t seem to be happening.  So — here I go, speaking from my heart.

This has been a time of unimaginable sickness, death and social upheaval.  I would never try to minimize that.  I would also never minimize the seriousness of the situation.  But I believe we have been put in “time out” for a reason.   Everyone is in a big hurry to get back to “normal.”  The problem with that is that in our world “normal” means what most of the people are doing.  It has nothing to do with what is good, pure, loving, peaceful or promoting the good for all.

If we look carefully at that “normal” people want to get back to we can see why the world is a mess.  We have been destroying our planet, the only home we’ve got.  We have institutionalized imagined differences between peoples and declared that some of us are more important than others.   Many who are pro-life are supporting the separation of families and detention of children and police brutality, including the murders of people of color.  We have forgotten we are created as one with the Creator and each other.  Greed and selfishness have taken over with people striving to have more and more while trying to make sure others get nothing.

These things are what many consider the “normal” they want to go back to.  I don’t now about you, but I want to move forward to create a world that works for all.

The Black Lives Matter movement has made life uncomfortable for many of us.  We are being forced to look at ourselves and our country and answer some hard questions and deal with difficult issues.  It is time for Americans admit that our country is not perfect.  The atrocities that have been committed against native peoples who already lived in this country and the African people who were captured, enslaved and considered “property” can no longer be swept under that ratty old dirty carpet.  We must also realize that “freedom of religion”  applies to all not just Christians or one group of Christians.

None of this will be easy — we have a big job ahead of us.  The important thing is that we begin and then keep going.

So, now we stand at a crossroads.  As I am writing this I am listening to Daniel Nahmod singing Love is My Decision.  Perfect timing.  We have a decision to make.  Are we going to choose love or are we going to continue the quest for money and power that has led to the precipice we now stand at.  Are we going to keep going and go over the edge or will we turn around, stand as one and create a new way of living on this earth?

Demanding our right to be reckless and endanger the lives of others, potentially continuing to spread a deadly virus won’t get us there.  Neither will racism and trying to create an all white “Christian” nation.  Continuing to support a President who continues to divide our country will not get us there either.  We can feel compassion for him but his incompetence will only continue to lead us down a dark road.

Take advantage of this time to drink a little deeper from the well of Spirit.  Clean house not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well.  Look at those old thoughts, beliefs and attitudes, letting go of those that no longer serve the higher good.

These are difficult times.  But they can also be be healing times, even exciting times.  We have a chance to turn around, “repent” if you will, and create a better world.  Will we take it, or will we blow it?

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12 thoughts on “Standing at the Precipice

  1. Today is National Repentance Day! Lets start today with a prayer of repentance as individuals first and tell others to pray a repentance prayer and spread it. Must start somewhere.


  2. This blog has inspired me. I think we should have on our calendar National Repent Day. This would be an awesome idea.


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