9 thoughts on “Religious or Spiritual?”

  1. I am religious but legalistic. Personally I adhere to the Anglican/Episcopal branch of the Jesus movement. I think the spiritual comes from the rites and rituals practiced by the believers.

    1. Hey there Tony! Thanks so much for the comment. Would you like to say a little bit more about how the rites and rituals connect you to the spiritual?

      1. When you take communion for example it’s connecting me through prayer to the divine because the elements are symbols and in some ways real parts of Jesus. It also connects me to others who have taken communion through time and space. When a person is baptized I am reminded of my own commitment to the breaking of the bread and the prayers. There is also a call to seek peace and justice with others too. This whole thing is not only personal but corporate too in how the Holy Spirit reveals itself.

            1. That’s okay. I have comments on moderation and I don’t always catch them right after they post.

      2. I believe that communion connects me with the father, son and holy spirit in a very special day. It also connects me with others who have done it too though time. Remembering baptism vows is a call to prayer and breaking of bread in community. I think Evangelicals miss out on liturgy and ritual and sacramental experience that can connect them to Christ in a very practical way..

  2. I prefer to say I’m spiritual and not religious but I sometimes hear push back from religious people who try to say those who prefer spiritual are really religious. I think it’s all kind of pointless labeling depending on how you define each label…so I really would rather not do it. “Spiritual” feels more where I am…with “religious” being my early path that took me here. Religious was the foundation that allowed me to have words and definitions to discuss ideas…but at some point they became “pointers” to something larger…and the “pointers” in and of themselves were no longer that important. Does that make sense?

    1. It makes perfect sense Bill. Words are so inadequate to describe some things, but we have to have a way to communicate, so I choose spiritual. I have been walking away from organized religion for many years. It took a long time for me to realize that because it felt more like I was forced out. As I walked away from big buildings, big budgets and doctrines which have become more important than people, Spirit guided me toward light, love and the teachings of Jesus who as we know from the gospels was not a big fan of organized religion. 😉

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