Peace is a sacred space within

Copyright 2010 by R.A. Robbins

“The calm within the storm is where peace lives and breathes. It is not within perfect circumstances or a charmed life… it is not conditional. Peace is a sacred space within, it is the temple of our internal landscape. We are free to visit it, whenever we seek sanctuary. Underneath the  chaos of everyday  living,  peace is patiently  awaiting our  discovery. . .   go within.” 
― Jaeda DeWalt



Let’s Talk About It

We are talking about Easter inThe Espirational Community on Facebook.  Is there more to Easter than what many Christians celebrate?  Please come join us!

Art Note

(Todays featured fabroc artwork is At the Gates of Heaven.  It is available along with other original work by Rogene Robbins in the Espirational Gallery.)

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