Giving and Receiving

Copyright 2017 by R.A. Robbins

When I pull into the outer edge of the Super Center parking lot there is often someone with a sign requesting help.  I do not give cash, but I do try to help with an immediate need if I can.  Today I felt led to stop and talk to the man — to hear his story.  When I left I said I was going to go up to the store and would bring him back something to eat.  When I handed him the bag I said “I got you a beef sandwich and a bottle of lemonade.”  He grinned ear to ear and said thank you.  I also told him what I knew of local resources that could give him the kind of help he needed to get off the streets.  We blessed each other and I went on to do my shopping.

When I got to the checkout I told the clerk I was going to need help getting the 40 pound box of kitty litter in my car.  She then said “and light bags double bagged?”  The question shocked me.  My mind started racing.  She thinks I’m a weak little old lady came to my thoughts.  But who wouldn’t like lighter bags, double bagged?  So I said yes, thank you.

The helper came and we headed out to the car.  I told him all I really needed was for him to put the kitty litter in the car.  He said the he would put everything in the car for me and take the cart back to the store with him.

After I spent about half a minute (well maybe a tad longer) feeling sorry for myself because the people at the Super Center think I’m a frail little old lady I realized they were just being nice.  Yeah, that still happens in this world.  I am blessed to live in an area and shop in a store where people still care about each other.  I should be as grateful for the people who offer help to me as I am for the opportunity to help others.

So don’t be so quick to refuse help that is offered with a pure heart.  You don’t want to deprive others of that good feeling you get when you help someone.  So the next time someone does something thoughtful or helpful for you SMILE and say Thank You and Bless You.

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