5 Ways to Push the Reset Button on a Bad Day

Copyright 2016 by R.A. Robbins

Ever had a day where you started out grouchy and out of sorts and things just went downhill from there?  The kind of day where you wished you could push the reset button and start over?  Well you might not be able to turn back the clock, but there are a few things you can do to help turn a “bad day” around.

  1.  Stop and ask what is going on here?  Did you get enough sleep?  Are you worried about anything?  Do a quick  body scan.  Any aches or pains anywhere?  Look outside.  Is it dark and dreary, rainy or stormy out?  Is there a  high pressure system stalled out over where you live?
  2.  If you discover something you can do something about, do so.  Are you someone who has to take a shower to  be able to wake up fully?  Will a good full body stretch help those achy joints?  Do you need a good breakfast to  start the day right?
  3.  If there is nothing you can do to change the circumstances remember, you can always change your mind.  Begin with a positive affirmation such as “today is a good day” and repeat throughout the day.
  4.  Sometimes you just have to stop and actually push the mental “reset button.”  Taking time to meditate is one  way to do this.
  5.  If all else fails, take a nap.  Don’t laugh.  This does work, but I realize not everyone can take time to do this.

Remember awareness is the key to understanding.  The earlier you recognize that you just aren’t yourself, the more likely you are to turn things around.

How do you push the reset button on a bad day?


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5 thoughts on “5 Ways to Push the Reset Button on a Bad Day

  1. Hi, ya’ll. Thanks for your comments! Now this is what the Espirational sites are all about. Keep the comments coming. I mean, who can not comment with great posts like this one from Genie. I mean, the tip she gave about taking a morning shower comes directly from her experience with me. If I’m a grouch in the morning, she first looks at the sky. No clouds? She then knows I’ve most likely missed my morning shower. Or, if I’ve been working on something and go to my relaxation chair and suddenly become silent with my eyes closed she knows I’m simply trying to regain my composure. These tips from Genie can not only help a person know themselves, but also to help them better understand the people around them.

    Thanks for a great post, Genie. I hope your readers tell all their friends and relatives about the great posts you put on your blog. 🙂


  2. How do I push the reset button on a bad day?
    Well …. doesn’t work for all bad days, but it does work for some.
    I go into the bathroom, close and lock the door, then I stand in front of the mirror and SMILE. I smile at my reflection until I can see the smile reaching my eyes. At that point I begin to laugh at myself … so I smile for a while longer.

    I recommend it to others and have even made my Grandson, who’s just 7, get over a really grumpy paddy of a mood by making him smile at himself in the long mirror in the hall way. It took roughly 5 seconds before he was laughing loud and proud …. and eventually tears of laughter were running down his face. Grumpy mood gone. Great kid back again!

    Try it …. even on days when it’s not a bad day, but you just need to feel a bit happier. Smile until the smile reaches you eyes and you see your eyes light up. Then keep smiling while looking into your eyes…. just for a little while longer. Seconds even.

    GREAT post! Love it ~ Cobs. xxx

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