Changing is Easy Living Changed is Hard

This is the time every year when people are making changes.  Some formalize this in the form of “resolutions.”  We all know many of these resolutions fail.  Most of us have experienced this personally.  One of the reasons I believe New Year’s resolutions fail is because we can make changes, but we are not prepared to live changed.

Living Changed

We all know that making changes in our lives can be difficult.  But living as changed beings can be even more difficult.  It often takes time to settle in and accept the changes as well as learning any new skills that may be needed to live with them.

If that isn’t enough, there is no set time for the changes to click in and become who we are.  It takes as long as it takes.  Some may not make it through this adjustment period and slip back into old patterns, but to those who persevere a new way of life is waiting.

Change Doesn’t Always Feel Good at First

There have been times in my life that changes for the better have not “felt good” at first.  I have been experiencing this during the past year.  As I have been approaching my third year of living and practicing yoga I have  been experiencing a few changes.

The constant adrenaline rush I used to live in is gone and I now live in peace and quiet.  That was extremely uncomfortable at first.  I was afraid without all that physical energy I wouldn’t get anything done.  It took awhile to realize that life is about who we are and how we live, not so much about how much we do.

My body has also been doing a little remodeling and I have been losing weight.  This is something I am not really comfortable with.  There have been times when I did not know when to stop with weight loss.

I have to remind myself that this loss is not the result of dieting and extreme exercise, it is coming from a healthy way of life.  There have also been many affirmations said and may lessons learned about dealing with well-meaning people during this time.

No Turning Back

Bob says I am a very determined person (some might call me stubborn) and I have a rule of “no turning back.”  I know there is nothing back there in the old life that I really want and there is nowhere to go but forward.  That doesn’t mean it is easy, it’s just the path set before me.

Hang in There

So if you are having trouble learning to live with positive changes in your life I encourage you to hang in there.  Keep looking forward and don’t turn back.  This is all a part of the process and you will get through it.

Please feel free to tell us about your experience with living changed in the comment section.

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