Wrapping up the Benefits of Yoga Series

I hope you have enjoyed this series on the benefits of yoga.  The benefits of yoga are many and I have not even begun to scratch the surface here.  I encourage you to dig deeper on your own.  But there is one final thought I want to leave with you.

We do not practice yoga hoping to obtain a certain specific benefit from our practice. We practice yoga to come back home to who we were created to be.  As we learn to practice the eight limbs of yoga our minds, our bodies, our spirits and our lives begin to come back into alignment.  We can feel the sense of joining, union or coming together within ourselves as we progress.

If we are seeking certain specific changes however, we may be disappointed.  Remember, yoga does not change us; rather, it allows the natural state of total health and integration already in each of us to become a reality.

I would love to hear about your yoga experiences in the comments below.

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