Sometimes in the very early morning hours I find myself lying in bed silently thinking, writing or being taught. I’ve had entire written or artistic works come to me during these times, but then I have to get up and actually create them in reality before the thought or idea slips away.  This morning I woke up thinking about a current artwork I’ve been working on called “Unraveled.”  This art work was started during the Presidential campaign and continued in the aftermath as I watched what has appeared to be the foundations of American life  — democracy, freedom and even civility coming totally unraveled.

Then I started hearing the music of my Baptist upbringing — the grand old hymns and gospel songs, sung by people who sang with great gusto, proclaiming their faith and not worrying about their singing not being good enough.  One by one they played in my mind — …I’m standing on the promises of God,  …,How firm a foundation ye saints of the Lord is prepared for your faith in his excellent word…, On Christ the solid rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand…, Rock of Ages cleft for me, let me hide myself in thee.  Even a newer song by the late Dottie Rambo creeped in there — I go to the rock of my salvation I go to the stone that the builders rejected I go to the mountain and the mountain stand by me… 

Noticing a theme here?  These wonderful hymns and gospel songs all talk about standing and hiding in God, that firm foundation we can count on when the world seems to be falling apart.  Growing up Baptist, I believed that each person has direct access to God through Jesus, the Christ, and I still believe that.  When I pray and when I meditate there is a complete oneness with God that is beyond explanation.  Teachings and prayers from others are important in the lives of the faithful, but no one can keep us from the pure joy and comfort of connection to Spirit.

The world  may be falling down all around us but that solid rock, that firm foundation, still stands, hiding and comforting us and helping us to stand strong in our faith.  We may be called to take action in the days ahead, but first we must stand in the light, love and protection of God.  And so it is.

Now let’s all stand and join in singing the closing hymn.


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2 thoughts on “Standing

  1. What a glorious post this is today! I am enjoying the music as daylight is coming on this snowy day in western Pennsylvania. These hymns are to uplifting. We are living at the most exciting time in history. I am standing!


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