Gentle Mindful Yoga

Corey Roos of Healthy Mind Yoga is one of my favorite online yoga teachers.  Yoga can be a great way to practice mindfulness, intentionally paying attention to our experience in the present moment with an open and accepting attitude.

This gentle class, suitable for beginner lasts about 30 minutes and concludes with a mindfulness meditation.

3 thoughts on “Gentle Mindful Yoga”

  1. I need to work more on the mindful yoga. I love yoga and do it daily. But I tend to focus on the physical. I love a more vinyasa style or power for the workout. But I’d like to gain more from a more meditational yoga.

    1. Cory is great for mindfulness and meditation. Melissa West is also a great yoga teacher with lots of videos online. Some of her classes focus on a topic with lots of spiritual/philosophical teaching with meditation, breathing, mudras, mantras, etc. and some focus more on the physical.

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