You Can’t Stop Prayer

Copyright 2014 by R.A. Robbins
Copyright 2014 by R.A. Robbins

Years ago a church prayer chain started a miracle in my life. Years later that church became afraid and the prayer ministry changed.

It was said the government was saying they could no longer pray for people who did not specifically ask for the prayer. Fear gripped that church as they were sure the government would close the church if they prayed for the wrong person.

When the prayer in schools debate raged I remember a Christian college professor saying, “anyone who says no one can pray in school has never been in a classroom on exam day.” And that’s the point.

No one can stop you from a private act of communication with the Divine. You do not have to stand up in front of a group and say big fancy words out loud or even kneel. You can pray while you go about your daily life. When I make a blanket for charity I pray the Prayer of Protection for the child who will receive it as I sew.

The world needs our prayers now more than ever. Do not give in to fear.

8 thoughts on “You Can’t Stop Prayer”

  1. O sister, I so agree! I find myself praying constantly, sometimes out loud….most of the time it is just between me and God. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says….They can never take away that connection. Ever!

  2. I was so pleased over the Easter weekend to see a news piece with the British Prime Minister wishing people a happy and HOLY Easter, and reminding people that England IS a CHRISTIAN country!
    I am so tired of people attempting to be politically correct and removing prayers and reference to Christ , and God from every day life because “it might offend others of other beliefs” .
    Sorry! If I want to pray in my way, I WILL.
    I think all of Australia said THANK GOD (as a prayer) a few days back when an autistic boy of eleven who had been missing in the bush for five days was found..
    I know that I meant it as a heartfelt prayer.

  3. God created us with a free will, and since he did so even he cannot control our thoughts as sometimes governments try to do. This, at times, has lead our Creator to great sorrow leading him to allow the “Great Flood” of Noah’s time and other things. For a government to attempt to control prayer, or for its citizens to believe it can do so, only shows the relationship that the nation and its citizens have with one another and their God. The only way the power and privilege of prayer can be taken from a person, that which can be done silently and without fanfare, is for the one wanting to do it to give complete control of their being over to that governing power. So a person must decide if they are going to be controlled by love and continue to pray for people and things important to them and which they love, or if they choose, instead, to bow to the spirit of fear which the Christian Bible identifies as Satan (1JN 4:18).

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