Different is Not a Value Judgment

Different Strokes
Different Strokes (Photo credit: Abiola_Lapite)

Being different can be a scary thing.  Judgment usually accompanies the word different and often it is a negative judgment.

People not only distrust what is different they often fear it.  Why?  If we accept different ideas, beliefs, ways of doing things, even people,  we may find ourselves and our way of life changing.  One of the biggest fears of humankind is change.

Do you realize that the word different itself is not a value judgment?  Different can be positive, negative or just different.

When we refuse to open ourselves to new things we become stagnant, life becomes boring and problems take on a life all their own.  When we refuse to make room in our lives for people who are different we are refusing the wonderful gifts they may have to offer.  Can we really afford to squander the gifts of anyone in a world so much in need of fresh ideas?

3 thoughts on “Different is Not a Value Judgment”

  1. Any judgment ties us to that opinion and we desire approval and avoid criticism.

    Wanting to be like everyone else is a judgment that the way we are is wrong, flawed, that is irrational.

    We are perfect as our true self.

    Great post

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