What’s Most Important to You?

Money can't buy
Money can’t buy (Photo credit: giumaiolini)

In today’s economic conditions most people are looking for ways to save money or make the money they have stretch farther. Knowing your value system and what is most important to you and your family is the first step. Get the entire family involved in this or you may find yourself facing a rebellion later. A family meeting is a good idea.

Actually make a list from most important to least. You may need to cut down on spending for items at the bottom of your list to help pay for the things that are most important. At the top of our list is health. This includes nutritional supplements as well as buying and preparing fresh, nutritious food. To do this we cut down on spending in areas less important to us such as clothing and electronics.

What is at the top of your priority list? What are some of the things you spend less on or do without?

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