Where Faith Meets Life

Montserrat monastery
Montserrat monastery (Photo credit: paulafunnell)

Haven’t you had at least a moment when you dreamed of escaping the pressures of daily life to live in a Monastery, cave or on an isolated mountain top?  I know I have.  But is that what we really want?  More importantly is that what we need?

It’s when our faith is put to the test, where the rubber meets the road so to speak that faith becomes real.  In the midst of dealing with dirty diapers, rush hour traffic, illness, shrinking paychecks and difficult bosses is when what we have read, studied and prayed goes into action if we let it.

One thought on “Where Faith Meets Life”

  1. The monastery mental mini-vacation, if I may call it that, absolutely calls when my day threatens to overwhelm. I buy my ticket regularly, especially via prayer and/or photography escapes.

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