Letting Go to Move Forward

Don’t you love that life is full of second, third, fourth, fifth chances

New year light
New year light (Photo credit: fide)

and even more if we need them? The Universe seems to be continually encouraging us to get it right.

New Year’s Eve can be a time to let go of the things that have not served us well, or have held us back in the old year. Some traditions hold a “burning bowl” ceremony where everyone writes down one thing they are ready to let go of and then the individual pieces of paper are actually burned. There is a profound sense of release that takes place as the paper burns.

So what is holding you back this year?

I release and let go of the things that have held me back and move into the new year with love, peace and gratitude. And so it is. Thank you God.

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8 thoughts on “Letting Go to Move Forward

  1. Lovely thought and post. Letting go is not always easy but many times a necessity—-for me it is letting go of a husband who has been unfaithful and a marriage I have worked almost 2.5 decades on. It has taken most of the year to get here and as I celebrate the New Year, my thoughts are for the future and not the past as difficult as it seems. I refuse to be hurt any more… Thank you. Happy New Year to you!


    1. Fear can be a real trickster. We know fear is not always bad. It can act as a stop sign when we get careless, keeping us from running off a cliff. It can act as a caution sign to make us stop and consider our actions before proceeding. But fear also sometimes lies, telling us things we need to do to grow and progress will really do us harm. The hard part is knowing when fear really is acting in our best interest and when it is telling lies. Unfortunately that is one of those things we each have to discover for ourselves and it isn’t easy. Sometimes we have to learn the hard way that truth and love can overcome fear. I wish you all the best in the coming year. — Rogene


  2. Great POST! Moving forward is showing you’re growing in so many ways, and it helps with stress. Thank you God for your Grace, Favor, Mercy, and giving us the strength to carry on each, and everyday. For the up coming New Year, and each day thereafter, I’m wishing God’s Blessings to you. Be Blessed, Mtetar


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