5 thoughts on “Spreading the Light #9”

  1. The oldest stories in the world from all religions confirm to us that the light will triumph over darkness. Good is more powerful than badness. It just is more subtle.
    Your site is a comfort .

  2. Let’s pray that people do so. I awoke to the sad news out of Connecticut…..Words cant express my sadness and revulsion over such a terrible act

    1. Tragedies like this can’t help but affect us all. We pray for the families and the entire community, surrounding them with the white light of God’s love and protection. We also pray the people of our country will not give in to fear and anger, but will continue to see the light shining even in the midst of such great darkness. In times like these it is important to protect ourselves not only physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually by invoking the white light of God and the presence of the angels instead of arming ourselves with guns.

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