Top 10 Staycation Ideas #2

Nebraska State Capitol, old house chamber ceiling.
Nebraska State Capitol, old house chamber ceiling. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Think you can’t afford a vacation this year? This is one of my top ten ideas for fun and relaxation close to home.

Take a tour of your State Capitol building.  This is something everyone should do at least once.  This may be a bit of a drive depending on where you live, but will be worth it.  If you have children spend a few days before the trip helping them study your state.  After the tour, encourage them to talk, ask questions and perhaps write an essay.

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Staycation Ideas #2

  1. Actually you already mentioned a few of our favorites, we enjoying going to the local fairs and festivals. A few other things we have done and will do again going to outdoor concerts. We did do some extra traveling for that one, but still a day trip. We also go to local antique shops and visit local car shows. If it is a relaxing stay-cation we need then we sit on the deck, read, sleep, relax, listen to music, work on hobbies, basically whatever strikes our fancy and although we live just outside the city limits we do have a nice view of the mountains from our deck and a wide assortment of birds to add to our music selection. So sometimes our stay-cations are just staying home and enjoying our hobbies or finding new ones. I hope a few more people add their suggestions, I am always opened to new ideas. Someone posted once a few weeks ago how they just go and drive with camera in tow and just explore their area and stop when they see a good photo op. That is on my to do list for the fall. Blessings…patty


  2. We enjoy our staycations too. Still love to travel but when we can’t we have a vacation right in our back yard!! 😉 Thanks for the additional ideas.


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