Our Top Ten Lessons from Being Published

Bob and I are published authors off the Web, as well as on.  Not bragging, just a happy fact. Our hard-copy book, Creating a Successful Craft Business, was published by Allworth Press of New York City in 2003.  We take pride in the fact that we only contacted one publisher on this, our first attempt to get a bookContinue reading “Our Top Ten Lessons from Being Published”

10 Ways to Use All That Zucchini

If you garden you may be finding yourself overrun with a bounty of zucchini.  What do you do with it? 1.  Don’t forget those in need.  Make up a fresh produce basket with a variety of garden items for a family in need. 2. Freeze for later.   I like to package sliced or grated in 1 and 2 cupContinue reading “10 Ways to Use All That Zucchini”