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Thought for Today

L'Arche Bognor in Trosly, France
L’Arche Bognor in Trosly, France (Photo credit: larchebognor)

“Let us not pay too much attention to the headlines of the newspapers which so frequently proclaim disaster, but let us listen instead to those men and women who sow peace in small ways, with little moments of forgiveness each day.” — Jean Vanier, from Letter of Jean Vanier – December 2012 http://jv.asso-jean-vanier.org/f/nf49jv

Women’s Heart Thought for April

Health fair at Hanover Presbyterian Church
Health fair at Hanover Presbyterian Church (Photo credit: Christiana Care)

“Start the conversation about heart health with your doctor ASAP.  The younger you are when you become aware of your own risk, the more you can do to lower your chances of dying from it.” — Leslee Shaw, PhD, Director, Emory Clinical Cardiovascular Research Institute (quote from Womans Day magazine, March 2013)