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12 Tips for Gluten Free Living #9: It isn’t always about the food

Don’t let not being able to eat the same foods your friends, co-workers or family eat turn you into a hermit.  Find ways to work around food so you can still attend social functions and enjoy time with those you love.

  • Attend the wedding or christening then offer your apologies for not being able to attend the dinner.
  • Take your own food to the holiday celebration or office potluck. Or show up after the meal to socialize.
  • Suggest an activity such as a movie or bowling for an evening out with friends instead of going out for pizza. Or suggest a restaurant that serves gluten free pizza.

Work out ways to spend time and celebrate with those you care about.  It isn’t always about you and it isn’t always about food.


Rogene Robbins is the author of The Gluten Free Good Life and other books available at Amazon.com’s Kindle Store. Please visit her Healthy and Gluten Free page to learn about Rogene’s own gluten free good life.