10 Alternatives to Buying Gluten Free Bread

Gluten free bread is expensive. Given the size of the loaves, it is very expensive.  So, what are we supposed to do about those things we think have to be served on bread? We find other ways. Here are a few of my favorite bread substitutes I think even my non-gluten free readers will enjoy.Continue reading “10 Alternatives to Buying Gluten Free Bread”

An Espirational Cinco de Mayo Progressive Dinner

  Today is Cinco de Mayo.  May is also Celiac Disease Awareness Month.  Sounds like two good reasons to celebrate to me.  Let’s Party!  I invited Shirley Braden of Gluten Free Easily,  Anne-Marie Bacon of My Sweet Marie and Carrie Niesen of Gluten Free Fabulous to join me in an online Progressive Dinner.  Instead of going from houseContinue reading “An Espirational Cinco de Mayo Progressive Dinner”

May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month

May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month and I’m ready to party.  The gluten free life has been life changing for me.  I see the lifestyle as one of health and wellness, not deprivation.  So I have a few things planned for this month. May 5th — Gluten Free Progressive Dinner with Shirley Braden of Gluten FreeContinue reading “May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month”