10 Things to Do When a Pet Goes Missing

Pets often become family.  When a beloved pet goes missing it isn’t always easy to know what to do first.  These are a few things we learned when Callie recently went missing. Panic for exactly three minutes, then get moving. You have work to do. Check the obvious places first – house, yard, favorite hidingContinue reading “10 Things to Do When a Pet Goes Missing”

Callie Cat is Home!

We had several reports of sightings by neighbors yesterday.  That gave us hope, knowing that at least as of yesterday morning she had not left the community.  We live in a close knit lakeside community and people were searching for her and asking, “have you found Callie yet?” We were upset last night when weContinue reading “Callie Cat is Home!”

Oh Where, Oh Where Has Our Callie Cat Gone?

Oh where, oh where can she be? Our beloved Callie is missing.  I am heartbroken.  We have searched the entire house over and over, shaking the treat bag as we go and calling her name.  We have searched her favorite hiding spots and places she could be trapped.  All the cabinet and closet doors areContinue reading “Oh Where, Oh Where Has Our Callie Cat Gone?”

“Callie’s Campfire” Update

  We seem to have found the source of Callie’s discomfort. Thank you to everyone for your input on this.  She was missing some of “her stuff.”  While everything that is hers moved with us it was not all out.  She had her essentials, including toys.   However I had not yet found places for her shelter bedContinue reading ““Callie’s Campfire” Update”

Need Advice from a Kitty or a Cat Parent

  This is Callie snugged up around the burners on my stove top. She has always looked for warm places, but since we moved she always wants to be on the stove when it is hot. I turn my back for a minute and there she is looking like she’s sitting around a campfire. I’mContinue reading “Need Advice from a Kitty or a Cat Parent”

Callie’s Grand Adventure

When we started packing Callie started packing herself. She was in very cramped quarters on the car ride and looked a little carsick when we arrived but recovered quickly. As the movers arrived we were heartsick to find her empty harness. No Callie anywhere. I don’t know why I looked down at the floor besideContinue reading “Callie’s Grand Adventure”