Callie Cat is Home!

We had several reports of sightings by neighbors yesterday.  That gave us hope, knowing that at least as of yesterday morning she had not left the community.  We live in a close knit lakeside community and people were searching for her and asking, “have you found Callie yet?”

We were upset last night when we had severe weather.  Not unusual here in Oklahoma, but not good for a lost cat.  I was up early this morning and when I realized the rain had stopped decided to go back to the location of the last sighting.  I thought that maybe she would be out in the early, quiet morning.

When I reached the top of the hill and looked out over the lake I was crying and praying, “God please keep my baby safe.”   When I rounded the corner and looked between the two houses where she was last spotted I saw a familiar little face looking out of the grass.  She didn’t run to me when called but I was able to easily pick her up with the help of her blanket and a few of her favorite snacks.  She  must have found a place to hide during the storm because she wasn’t even wet.  It was the longest walk down that hill I have ever made, I was so anxious to get her home.  After checking out each room in the house and having some food and water  she curled up on a pillow and is now asleep.

Some might call the way she was found coincidence, but I call it Divine intervention.  Thank you God!

I also want to thank  you my readers and followers for your concern and prayers.

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16 thoughts on “Callie Cat is Home!

  1. I’m so happy and relieved for you that Callie was found safe and relatively well. Maybe the adventure will make her realise that “There is no place like home”


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