What is Spiritual Practice?

And why is it so important? Spiritual practice is the way we live out our faith, beliefs and principles in our day to day life. These might include prayer, meditation, mindful movement, study, service to others, creativity, loving kindness and other practices.

When I find myself going off track in life it is usually because I have not been paying attention to my spiritual practice. I’ll skip yoga or qi gong, just this once. Or I meditated yesterday. Do I really have to do it everyday? Or why do I have to keep helping others, when I end up feeling used? Why do I have to take care of my body temple when others neglect theirs? Or do I really need to study this stuff, shouldn’t I have it all down by now? Well obviously not.

Living in a “senior” community surrounded by sickness, death and negativity, the most important and at the same time the most difficult practice for me is releasing all that is not for my higher good and clearning, balancing and protecting my energy. This has to be done everyday. If I don’t I find myself in a big mess.

Having grown up in a Protestant traditon that emphasizes personal salvation, I know that many times we were told that our “works” would not gain our salvation, that it was only through belief in Jesus. This leads some to live as though what we do during our time here on earth doesn’t matter. But I believe that Jesus came to be the great example, not the great exception. His spritiual practice can be seen throughout the New Testament.

Now I know that if we take on too many practices at once they can become a burden and drop off along the way. The purpose of spiritual practice is for it to become not just our way of life but life itself.

Join me this month as we explore spiritual practice.

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