A Holiday Extra

Today I am doing the prep work for the Thanksgiving meal. The cranberry sauce is in the fridge and eggs are sitting in hot water on the stove waiting to be deviled. Earlier in the week I baked and dried cornbread for the dressing and sometime today will bake either a pumpkin pie or carmel apple upside down cake.

While it may seem that I am cooking for a crowd it will be just the two of us. We always invite people in our neighborhood who don’t have anywhere to go to eat with us, but we rarely have takers.

So why go to all the work of making a “traditional” holiday meal, especially when for the tribes “Thanksgiving” is a day of morning? Good question. Even though I do not celebrate or belive the stories surrounding the holiday season I need to celebrate something to keep going. We are entering a season that can be extremely lonely for those who already feel like “outsiders.” Standing back while the world “celebrates” in ways we do not understand or wish to participate in is difficult.

So the holiday dinner is one way that we celebrate. No food is wasted. I will take plates and spend some time with a few neighbors who are homebound and leftovers are always welcome at our house.

When I was single I liked to volunteer at a community Thanksgiving dinner. I spent Christmas Eve with the Dominican Sisters who celebrated Mass early in the evening then drove home to sing in the choir and play in the bell choir at the Methodist Church.

This is a great time of year to practice what we preach and remember that we create our own reality with our thoughts and actions. If this is the time of year that you like to grumble and complain about the “commercialization of the holidays” what can you do to make things different? Maybe we can’t change the world but we can change our mind and make our life and the lives of those around us better.

Watch for an occasional holiday extra throughout the season. I will add them as I feel inspired.

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2 thoughts on “A Holiday Extra

  1. This sounds wonderful! We baked three mince pies yesterday (plenty to share with friends). The sides will be prepared/cooked today, and the turkey is all that is left for tomorrow—happy Thanksgiving to you and those who mean the most to you.


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