Just Around the Corner

I walk every morning, weather permitting. That doesn’t mean that every morning I’m happy about it. This morning was one of those days. I was grumbling to myself, my back hurts, I don’t want to walk today, do I have to? My walking friend was nowhere in sight and I was ready to call it a day.

As I walked toward my house, I was ready to go inside, but Spirit had something else in mind. Instead, I walked toward the water but turned left instead of going straight as I normally would. As I rounded the corner to the water front there was the most magnificent fiery red sun just above the tree line. The kind of view that takes your breath away. One of those “Thank you God” kind of experiences. As I stood there, I was reminded that my early morning walk isn’t just a physical activity.

I also learned an important lesson. When life gets difficult it is important to follow the nudges of Spirit and keep going. We never know what good may be waiting for us just around the corner.

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