Happy Quilting Day!

Every year quilters celebrate the 3rd Saturday of March as National Quilting Day. I will be hanging a few quilts outside my house today and have invited my neighbors to do likewise.

I learned years ago that many people warm feelings and good memories about quilts and quilters in their lives. When I was still making bed quilts I kept a loaded quilting frame in my large living room. It was quite a conversation piece. Everyone who came in the front door had a quilt story.

Quilts bring comfort. If we ever needed comfort it is now. So I encourage you, whether you are a quilter or not to celebrate National Quilting Day. Hang a quilt or two outside, visit a quilt show or a quilt shop, try your hand at a little quilting yourself or wrap up in Grandma’s quilt and enjoy the memories.

For more information on National Quilting Day or quilting in general visit:


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2 thoughts on “Happy Quilting Day!

  1. I’M SO LUCKY — I LIVE WITH AN ARTIST! Genie didn’t mention it but many of her pieces, like the one shown above, are for sale. Just ask if you come by, or drop us a note through our contact button In fact, the item you want may be in the Espirational Gallery.


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