When Awakening Gets Messy

Copyright 2017 by R.A. Robbins

Wouldn’t it be nice if awakening were this mystical/magical kind of thing that happens all at once and everything from that point on is smooth sailing?  If you are waiting for that to happen you may be missing out on where Spirit is trying to lead you.

Sometimes awakening gets messy.  As your thoughts and beliefs begin to change your whole world can get turned upside down.  And the world may continue to be upside down as awakening is not a one-time event.  It is a process, a path, and a way of life as we continue to awaken and learn to live in the awakened state.

We are seeing that right now in our world as there is a mass awakening, as well as mass resistance and push back against the awakening.  Where will this take us?

Life gets messy sometimes.  So does spiritual awakening.  The awakening process does not take us out of the world as it is.  But if we listen to Spirit we will learn new ways of living in the world.  If we stay engaged in the process and continue to awaken we will be a light shining in the world and an example to others.  This is what will change the world.

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