Lessons from Standing Rock

I have not mentioned this here on the blog, but I have been Standing with Standing Rock in prayer to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.  As I am writing this on Sunday evening word just came that the Army Corps of Engineers has denied permission for the pipeline to cross under the Missouri River.  While we understand this victory may be temporary we praise God for it.  We have also learned lessons from our native brothers and sisters about how to fight the divisive forces taking over this country.

First we must come together.  The protest at Standing Rock was a major inter-tribal effort.  There was also support from non-natives including, religious leaders and veterans acting under tribal leadership.

We must all learn that we are fighting a spiritual battle and our weapons are spiritual.  Peaceful, non-violent civil disobedience rooted in prayer and meditation along with a spirit of love and peace are the only weapons we have against fear, anger, hatred and a total disregard for human life and our mother the earth.  Even if we cannot be “feet on the ground” in protest efforts we can pray and meditate to elevate the energetic field from wherever we are.

This is a victory we need to be inspired by and look to as an example of how to fight darkness in the coming days.

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