A Close Encounter of the Wildlife Kind

This morning as I was out on my first walk of the day I saw large white wings disappear into the leaves of the upper branches of a tree.  Knowing it was most likely a Great Egret I continued on the path slowly and quietly, stopping every few steps.  It didn’t take long to see the majestic white bird in the tree.  I stopped and admired for awhile then continued carefully, trying to see if I could get closer.  I did not have my camera.  If I’d had the camera I would have a photo or two, but because I didn’t I had an experience that will become part of who I am.

Before I left I thanked the bird for the gift of it’s presence as I always do with wildlife encounters and walked away, still slowly and quietly.  Thank you God!

5 thoughts on “A Close Encounter of the Wildlife Kind”

  1. I love the part how it was a great experience because you were just enjoying, minus camera. There are several egrets I see sometimes by the nearby rivers (not great ones just the usual) beautiful birds I agree.

    1. I had never lived with larger birds up close and personal until we moved here. Depending on the time of year we have great egrets, blue herons, pelicans and eagles. I had taken classes on some of these birds and watched from blinds, but never been just sitting by the lake or walking and there one is in a tree or 3 feet away by the waters edge or flying overhead. Cool!

      1. Though on the outskirts of London I live near a bird sanctuary, plus three lakes, so we often see big birds on a daily basis as they don’t just stay in the sanctuary but like to fish in the lakes. .We have a bunch of herons and egrets but sadly not the pelicans and eagles though!

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