When Art Gets Personal

Not all of my work is for public consumption.  There are pieces that are of a more personal nature and some serve a more practical purpose.  For the more practical, personal items I do sometimes use patterns.

For the last two years I have needed to come up with a better way to block the sun from making it difficult for Bob to see his computer screen.  I had a temporary solution in the window, but had never gotten around to coming up with something better.  That is until… I felt the need to express my personal opposition to the Confederate flags and other offensive symbols and signs in our community.  That window does not face the road, so very few people will ever see it, but I have at least made my stand.

The dove pattern comes from Stephanie Kepecs and Joanne Perlmutter and is called Love the Dove.  It is available free from Sewing with Nancy.

The word peace with the cross is my own handwritten and drawn design, if you can call it that.  It’s actually more like a doodle.

The photos were taken in my studio before it was hung in the window because these were better quality photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As artists the temptation to use our skills for others or to make money sometimes becomes so strong that we forget to sometimes just do what we love and have fun or express our personal beliefs and convictions.  So what do you do when it’s not a matter of pleasing someone else or making money?

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3 thoughts on “When Art Gets Personal

  1. Thanks, Genie, for blocking the sun’s light. I can work better now. I’m glad it was used to express yourself through your art. 🙂


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