Inspiration for Gluten Free Living

Many of you already know that Bob and I live a life free of gluten and dairy products (and a few other things).  I reacted with the  kind of panic and sorrow that is typical of people who are asked to radically change the way they eat.  I could not see that there would be anything left to eat at all.  In fact I made quite a dramatic scene out in the front yard threatening to eat a tree, believing that all that would be left for me was twigs and tree bark.  Once I figured out a few things I could still eat and began seeing rapid improvements in my health I realized this was actually a good thing and started moving forward.  The way I live and eat keeps me healthy and there is no looking back.

There are however many people who instead of seeing gluten free living as a way to regain their health, see it as punishment, deprivation and a a severely limited life with an incurable chronic disease.  Many of these people continue to be sick and extremely unhappy and my heart goes out to them.  But I have lived on this earth long enough to know that where there is life there is always hope and deciding to make the best of what at first may seem like a bad situation can actually turn things around.

The most important thing is to surround yourself with positive people.  These are  few of my favorite gluten free bloggers who have a positive outlook on life.

Kelly of Celiac Chicks

Pete and Kelli of No Gluten, No Problem

Shauna and Daniel of Gluten Free Girl

Shirley of Gluten Free Easily

Finally, I have a Kindle book called The Gluten Free Good LifeOf course you know this is full of positive ideas for living gluten free and a few recipes as well.

We just finished updating this book with additional recipes, sooo…..

Follow the link to Kindle to purchase.  If you have read this book please consider leaving a customer review.  Thank you.

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3 thoughts on “Inspiration for Gluten Free Living

  1. One has to work with the body they have been given. True about sticking with positive people. If someone doesnt support your dietary needs tell them to go over there. This is your life they are putting at risk. Lucky you know what is necessary to keep you well.


  2. My son has celiac disease. I have been tested, and I do not have it. I am gluten free and lactose free (recently) by choice. I suffer from IBS, and I’ve noticed an improvement in symptoms since I made the switch.


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