A Gentle Invitation


Yoga practice was coming to an end.  I was stretched out on the living room floor in Shivasana listening to Shelley Nicole’s warm, soothing voice wrap things up.  Then I felt warm air in my right ear followed by what I thought was whispering.  Trying to understand the words, I realized it was heavy breathing.  Finally I felt the soft nuzzle of fur against my cheek and realized it was Callie Cat.  A week of angry brooding over being banned from the bedroom at night ended in a moment of quiet sweetness.  I breathed a big sigh of relief having been worried about her and missing her snuggles.  We stayed there after the video ended just enjoying the time together.  Nothing was more important than this moment.

Now to those who are not cat lovers, this may seem like a silly story.  But what if it had been a child or your spouse needing attention while you were otherwise engaged?  Life gives gentle invitations to live in the moment.  It is up to us to accept them.

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8 thoughts on “A Gentle Invitation

  1. A person lying on the floor seems to be irresistible to a cat. Mine often climbs on top of me and makes herself comfortable. I’m sorry to say it’s about her and not about me.


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