Micah Bales on The End of the Church (As we Know it)

Micah Bales is a “writer, teacher and grassroots Christian leader based in Washington, DC.”  His focus is on helping people  “connect with a deeper and more authentic experience of the Inward Teacher, Jesus Christ.”  He is all about radical discipleship.  I first came across Micah on Twitter and after looking at his website sent the link to Bob who has been following him regularly.

Micah is a dedicated and insightful writer and teacher.  As someone who has been called out of the church I too “am ready for a more life-giving vision of what we could be as followers of Jesus.”  It is always exciting to find someone who shares the call to something beyond “church as usual.”  Quotations are  from MicahBales.com.

Please take a few minutes to read Micah’s blog post It’s the End of the Church (As we Know it).


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