Reflections on a Year at the Lake

Copyright 2014 by R.A. Robbins
Copyright 2014 by R.A. Robbins

Last year Bob and I left a big, violent city and moved to a beautiful place in rural Oklahoma on the shores of Grand Lake ‘o the Cherokee.  So, how are things a year later?  Any regrets?  Please excuse me while a recover from the giggles …. NO!

This is not something we could have even imagined just a few months before we made the move.  We had something else planned.  In life doesn’t it seem that we always have something else planned?  Bob had planned to work at least five more years.  We had planned to travel when he retired.  We had not planned on Bob losing his job and there not being another one due to obvious health issues.

So what did we do?  We started making other plans — all of which gloriously failed.  To make a long story short, we ended up where we were meant to be.  One of our neighbors told us “The world puts us out to pasture and we end up here so God can bless us.” 

Weren’t we frightened during the whole ordeal?  You betcha!  When Bob came home and told me he had lost his job I wondered how we would survive.  Bob was upset and frightened by his sudden vision loss.  We knew we needed to get out of the city, but where would we go and how?

Fortunately Spirit kept me calm.  This is not something I am good at on my own (major understatement — stop laughing Bob).   We began a daily prayer and meditation practice, we studied, and we trusted God — most of the time.  Of course we had our moments, but when we put our trust in God and made the move having no idea what was ahead of us, we found ourselves in a beautiful place, in our own home and enjoying life.

Thank You God!


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4 thoughts on “Reflections on a Year at the Lake

  1. Who’s laughing, Genie? Had it not been for your strength in faith, and your courage to state it verbally, I’m sure I would have made many undesirable decisions to do things we were neither prepared to do nor that I could have physically done due to my newly acquired limitations. Through your being my marital partner, we are now in a place where God is blessing us for our faith. Thank you.

    (Now when you melt over having a foot rub, that’s when I laugh:)


  2. “The world puts us out to pasture and we end up here so God can bless us.” The trouble Genie arises when we FORGET to breathe and savour what substitutes come our way. So happy for you both that life is working out after all.
    Some times we need be forced to stop and smell the roses


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