12 Tips for Gluten Free Living #3: Don’t Rush to the Gluten Free Processed Food

When first diagnosed there is temptation to run to the gluten free section of the grocery store and start grabbing up everything you can find.  Many will try to find the perfect replacement for their much loved bread, cookies, whatever.

Why not use this as a chance to do something different?  Something better.

  • Introduce yourself to a few new fruits and vegetables.
  • Learn about gluten free grains you may never have heard of before.
  • Pull out your cookbook and see how many recipes are naturally gluten free or easy to adapt.

When you cook from scratch you control what goes in your food.  So instead of rushing to the store to replace processed food with gluten free processed food, stop and think.  You have the opportunity to make this a change for the better and the healthier.


Rogene Robbins is the author of The Gluten Free Good Life and other books available at Espirational Books  and Amazon.com’s Kindle Store. Please visit her Healthy and Gluten Free page to learn about Rogene’s own gluten free good life.

8 thoughts on “12 Tips for Gluten Free Living #3: Don’t Rush to the Gluten Free Processed Food”

    1. Thank you Nancy! I really like the statement on your blog about working with “women who want to live by design not by default.” That’s a powerful statement.

  1. I am lucky I have no diet restrictions but I think gluten free is a very healthy way to eat and I have never included it in my everyday food. I have your ebook and I think gluten free is the way to go. There are so many gluten free choices that are delicious and processed is definitely not the way to go. Can you believe it? My son was very sick as a little fellah until it was discovered by the pediatrician gastroenterologist, he couldn’t take processed food. He doesn’t like processed food because it gives him stomach cramps. Your tips are awesome.

  2. There can be other questionable ingredients in gluten free foods that some people may be sensitive to. Everyone should read the labels carefully and beware of such ingredients such as “spices” or “natural flavors.” Thank you so much for your post!

  3. You nailed that on the head!! When my son couldn’t eat gluten anymore, we were always looking for the next replacement (and we were miserable – food speaking). When he couldn’t have corn byproducts either, we were forced to cook and eat REAL food and we are all much happier! People ask me if my son will ever “get better” and be able to eat gluten and corn again. I say I don’t know and I don’t care – I wouldn’t go back to processed foods if we could!

    1. Thank you for stating that in such a clear and heartfelt way. I don’t see there being any “getting better” to it either — I am better. No turning back for me either. Thanks again for taking the time to add to the conversation.

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