Healthy and Gluten Free

Enjoy a nice fresh pepperwich. Smiley Face optional.
Photo copyright 2010 by R.A. Robbins

When I first realized that wheat and gluten were a big part of years of medical problems I soon discovered that I had decisions to make.  When it came between purchasing special gluten free processed foods and and naturally gluten free fresh and minimally processed foods, the choice was easy.  While we have tried gluten free products, my choice for how to provide us with healthy and nourishing foods has always been the natural route.  Over the years I have adapted old favorite recipes as well as creating new ones to fit our needs.

Health, wellness and balance are top priorities and I work to our meet physical needs without pulling other areas of our lives out of balance.  In the beginning I was angry and frustrated at the prospect of adding more limitations to my life.  After 10 years of living healthy and gluten free I no longer see my way of life at limiting but as freeing, enabling me to live a full and happy life.  I also focus on eating the healthiest foods possible instead of replacing gluten laden foods with other foods that are just as unhealthy.

While this is not a gluten free blog, I do occasionally post recipes and gluten free tips.  I also write about general healthy living practices.  You may do a search here on the blog to find these.

In all of life, attitude is everything.  Remember, while we might not always be able to control what happens to us we can control how we think about and react to what happens to us.  You may have heard the old saying “You are what you eat.”  Equally true is “you are what you think.”  We control our lives with our thoughts.  Make them good ones.  🙂

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