Christmas Eve Services

Over the years Bob and I have made a tradition of attending Christmas Eve Services.  The buildings have ranged from a converted factory to an history cathedral.  Music has included magnificent organs, rock and roll bands, strings, choirs, soloists and a mariachi band.  The ancient words have been spoken in Latin, English and Spanish.  Traditions` have covered the Christian spectrum from Catholic, to a variety of protestant denominations to Unity. But over the years all these different experiences have had one thing in common — the presence of the Creator and the love in the hearts of those who have come to celebrate the birth of the Christ Consciousness.

This year we will be a part of the online congregation of Unity Village Chapel for their Christmas Eve Candle Lighting Service.  The service begins at 7 pm Central time and we invite you to join the live stream by going to  If you live in the Kansas City area please consider attending in person.

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6 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Services

  1. Amen! We can Praise and Worship HIm/GOD anywhere and always. I will be part of online service. Kind regards to Bob. Be Blessed Everyone, Mtetar


  2. Genie
    I’m not long home from Christmas Vigil Mass and Carols in Brighton in Queensland (Oz)
    The Church of Holy Peace is a large building, but it was filled to overflowing.(Camping chairs on the side verandas accommodating family groups of several generations)
    The primary school kids of the Parish school did a re enactment of The Christmas Story and did it so beautifully and so full of innocence.. So beautiful and uplifting.

    Despite the trauma experienced in Sydney last week, it was so uplifting to see so many people celebrating their belief in Christianity,
    So many young people with and without their families
    So uplifting
    God bless and Happy Christmas


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