Light Thought for Today

Source:  Morgue File
Source: Morgue File

“Ever since we crawled out of that primordial slime, that’s been our unifying cry, “More light.” Sunlight. Torchlight. Candlelight. Neon, incandescent lights that banish the darkness from our caves to illuminate our roads, the insides of our refrigerators. Big floods for the night games at Soldier’s Field. Little tiny flashlights for those books we read under the covers when we’re supposed to be asleep. Light is more than watts and footcandles. Light is metaphor. Light is knowledge, light is life, light is light.” — Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider

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7 thoughts on “Light Thought for Today

  1. “Jesus is a light that is clear pure and bright.” ❤
    I heard that in Sunday school at the tender age of 3 or 4 and it has stayed with me all my life. Love is light. Bless you both and your wonderful webpage. ❤


    1. In this physical world without light there is no life. As Michael said light is love. The other side of that is that darkness is fear. We need the darkness to know there is light. We must experience fear to know we have love. As for me, I’ve spent enough of my life in darkness. Give me light! (Thanks Bob, for your help with this one.)


      1. For me Rogene dualistic thought always sees darkness as an enemy and immediately relates it to the negative. The strange and wonderful thing about darkness is that all of life is conceived in darkness. Seeds give birth to what they are in the darkness of the earth and then grow in to the light. They then are both in the light and in the dark, their very existence depends on that – roots in the dark, and leaves and branches in the light. We are conceived in the darkness of the womb. What greater comfort than the darkness of the womb. All of life lives both in the dark and in the light. The very birth of consciousness itself flows out of the dark in to the light. Both give birth to consciousness. Darkness and light are inseparable in my perception of life. I think we simply agree to differ. 🙂


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