November Follower of the Month: Sally Cronin

Genie’s Note:  Our Follower of the Month for November is Sally Cronin of Smorgasboard.   Sally has a wonderful personal story of personal growth and lifestyle/attitude change.

Twenty years ago I weighed 330lbs and eventually dragged myself along to the doctor for the usual lecture about my weight. By this time in my life I had been every size under the sun and had also half-completed nearly every diet available. On this occasion, the doctor who had run some tests, told me that unless I lost the extra weight I would not survive past my 40’s.

That was a wake-up call and a very loud one too.  I changed my life around from that point on.  I spent the next two years studying both nutrition and the human body so that I could design an eating plan that would work and I would stick to.  My life is very different now and I love the fact that my experience enables me to help others in the work that I do.

But, more importantly my message is this. Do not leave issues, whether they are health, relationship or work until you are almost beyond help. If you have a problem there is always someone to listen and advise.  And if family and friends are not an option there is massive amounts of information on the Internet to help you find an expert locally who can.


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