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Copyright 2014 R.A. Robbins
Copyright 2014 R.A. Robbins

“Our culture values independence and isolation far too much, it seems to me–we have a hard time making ourselves part of things, of making ourselves responsible to others, and trusting others to be there for us. Sure, there’s pain involved if we get hurt, but there’s far more pain in isolation. I love community because God gave us other people to live with, not to pull away from, and I learn so much from others that I can’t imagine my life without the learning I’ve gained from getting to know other people.”  ― Tom Walsh

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I hadn’t thought about the possibility you raised. It concerns me that so many seem to really believe we are all in this life alone. I post a lot of quotes on interdependence because I think it’s important.

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