Making Home a Sacred Space

It is important to create a sacred space to retreat and recover from the world. For me that is our home. These are a few ways to make home sacred space.

1) Allow only people, thoughts, ideas, images, etc. into our homes through media that we would let in the front door. You would be surprised what can slip in on the computer.

2) Begin the day in peace. Create time to stretch, listen to the early morning silence, pray, read spiritual writings, and eat a nutritious light meal.

3) Set an atmosphere of peace and balance using color, positioning of furniture, lighting, music, keeping clutter to a minimum, etc. Spiritual practices such as prayer, scripture, affirmations or burning sage may also be used.

4) What we put in our bodies matter. Home is a good place to focus on nutritious whole foods.

5) Make time for family sit down meals. This is not just about food. This is about connecting and communicating. Close family connections don’t just happen, they take work.

How do you make your home a sacred space to retreat from the world?

3 thoughts on “Making Home a Sacred Space”

  1. I’ll admit to being very bad at creating a sacred place. I do alright for a few days, but then fall back into my normal routine. I have candles in every room, but always seem to forget to actually light them…a candle can last forever in my house!

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