April Follower of the Month: Sherri Matthews

Our follower of the month for April is Sherri Matthews who blogs at A View from my Summerhouse.  Her blog is fun, informative and she takes great pictures.  I’m sure you will want to stop by and say hello.

Three years ago I lost my job at the same time that my now 21 year-old daughter was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.  Unable to find another job offering the part-time hours that I could cope with and my daughter, who was suffering from crippling social anxiety (a common problem for ‘Aspies’), needing my help, I became not only Mum but her full-time carer. But deep inside I struggled with the rejection of being laid-off and I began to feel old and useless,  insignificant, washed-up.

As I prayed about it, one day I read this by novelist George Eliot: ‘It’s never too late to become what you might have been.’  I realised that I could use this time to pursue my life-long dream of becoming a writer. The self-belief took a long time coming but today I can say something I thought I would never say:  ‘I am a published writer.’

Author Bio:  Widowed, divorced, now a happily-married mum of two grown boys and living in Somerset, England with Hubby, ‘Aspie’ daughter and 2 cats,  I started my blog last January to share my writing journey,  late-bloomer that I am, along with stories of my life both now and from my 20 years spent raising my family in California. If I can prove that it is never too late to change your life and make you smile along the way then all  the better and should you wish to share the view with me from my ‘cyber’ summerhouse then I shall be delighted to meet you! http://sherrimatthewsblog.com/

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Promoting creativity, peace and a positive lifestyle, one thought at a time and having fun along the way.

18 thoughts on “April Follower of the Month: Sherri Matthews

  1. Haha Nav! Fame at last, yay!!! Seriously though, thanks so much for coming over here and now you’ve met the wonderful Bob and Genie. Bless you. And Pat, bless you too, thank you so much for such a lovely message. So glad you’ve come over here to meet the wonderful ‘Espirational’ 🙂


  2. I’m happy to see you shared Sherri and chose her to be April Follower of the Month. She is truly an inspiration to me, a fellow blogger and my friend. I hope your readers will enjoy her stories as much as I do.

    Thank You! 🙂


  3. I would also say the same about Brenda too and her wonderful blog. (Just saw your lovely comment!) Thanks so much Brenda for coming over here, you have all been so very kind. Means the world 🙂


  4. I want to welcome Sherri’s friends and followers who have stopped by to offer support to her. I can tell she is a much loved blogger. Please feel free to come back anytime.


  5. I recently met Sherri via a mutual blogger friend, Jill, and I am so happy I did! What an incredibly strong and inspirational woman! I look forward to learning more about her. Hi Sherri! 🙂


  6. Sherri is one of the most inspiring women I’ve met through blogging. Her heart is full of love and it’s expressed in every post she writes as well as each comment.
    If you don’t know Sherri and her blog, you’re missing something very special.


      1. Thank YOU Genie, I’m very honoured to be here, thanks so much for the opportunity.It’s been wonderful and I’ve met some lovely people.
        Really means a lot to have these lovely comments, thanks so much Jenny, Jill and Maria. I would say the same to anyone reading here, their blogs are a must read and they are seriously wonderful people. As are you Genie!
        As we all encourage, inspire and support one another we share the journey, and what a very great blessing that is indeed 🙂


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