Healthy Living A to Z: G is for Gratitude

Gratitude changes everything
Gratitude changes everything (Photo credit: symphony of love)

Gratitude is defined in the Merriam Webster Learners Dictionary as a feeling of appreciation or thanks.  [Source Merriam Webster Learners Dictionary]    Don’t you love the simplicity of this definition?

Many times it is easy to think of all the difficulties in our world, but how often do we say thanks?  Do you let the people in your life know you appreciate them?  Do you thank them for the simple things they do to make your life better?  Do you thank the grocery clerk who rings up your groceries?  This is something I have learned from Bob.  It took me a long time to understand that when he thanked me for cooking dinner or cleaning house he was sincere, but now I find myself thanking him for even the little things.

It is important to feel gratitude but I think it is even more important that we express it.  When you wake up thank God for a new day.  And don’t forget to spread the gratitude around.  You might find the whole day goes better.

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  1. I totally agree, practising gratitude is most important and so easy really yet we often forget being thankful for the little things. We take to much for granted. Your post is a beautiful reminder!

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