Healthy Living A to Z: E is for Exercise

English: Dukeshouse Wood, Hexham A favourite a...
English: Dukeshouse Wood, Hexham A favourite area for dog-walking and other healthy exercise in the coniferous woodland on the steep slopes which flank Hexham to the south. Not sure who the “Duke” is – possibly the Duke of Northumberland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Physical movement and exercise are essential for the proper functioning of the human body but it can be easy to go overboard. We’ve all experienced that after the initial pain, endorphins kick in and exercise not only starts to feel good, you might not want to stop.

The good news is healthy exercise does not have to involve training for a marathon or lifting weights, although I do enjoy weight machines when I have access to them. There are so many physical activities available that get you up and moving, from walking, running, dancing, tennis and golf, to soccer. If you’ve always enjoyed team sports join a league or start a team where you work. This adds a social component to your exercise. If you really enjoy classes sign up at a gym or community center. It will be easier to engage in physical activities that you actually enjoy.

There are immense social pressures to be fit and thin. It is always a good thing to get up off the couch and move. Just remember life is a balancing act. Don’t let your exercise routine throw you off balance.

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