Pizza at Pudgy’s Revisited

Pudgy’s, a locally owned pizza place in Omaha NE, is one restaurant where we can enjoy a meal without drama. We know we will be treated well there and enjoy a good gf pizza. These are the things Pudgy’s does right.

1. When Pudgy was developing his gf menu items he talked to his gluten free customers.

2. He took pride in his gluten free pizza. If you wanted to see Pudgy smile really big thank him for his gluten free pizza.

3. You can order any size and choice of toppings for the same price as regular pizza. They know what you are talking about when you order a gluten free crust.

4. In addition to pizza there are gf bread sticks, cheese sticks and hot wings and Redbridge beer if you want.

5. Gluten free customers are treated just like any other customer with good food and choices.

On a recent visit to Pudgy’s we were not prepared to learn Pudgy has passed away. We will miss you Pudgy, but thank you for your efforts to serve your gluten free customers and hope the restaurant will continue to welcome gluten free customers.

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